November 12th, 2007


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Dark and rainy day in my neck o' the woods. Likin' that.
Since Erik's got a school holiday today, he's hanging out here for the day. Likin' that, too.
My right eye doesn't want to completely focus, for the second day in a row. Not likin' that.

Hey, two outta three ain't bad.

Oh, and the game of Warhammer Quest last night went over amazingly. Erik loved it, and is already looking forward to playing again. Heh, got him hooked.
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(no subject)

-- Hung out for a few hours with petalla, who was entirely cool to chat with.
-- Erik got all his homework and chores done, so he's happy that he's got lots of time to goof off.
-- Still early enough in the day that I might get a little bit of CoH in (I haven't played all weekend!).

Yeah. Good day.