November 22nd, 2007


My Kinda T'giving

Avoided the hellion children and stayed home. Dianna cooked home-made beef stroganoff (which was fabulous!), and since chaosreality stayed home from his planned happenings due to being under the weather, we dragged him over to our place for dinner and games.

Good food, good company, and calm relaxation. If I could stop sneezing, we'd all be groovy...damn allergies!
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EC Has All The Answers!

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Always a good feeling to finish a good book. Gotta say, though, avantard was right: Iron Council just wasn't as good as Perdido Street Station or The Scar. It had some great moments, of course (good gods, I want Toro's helmet!), and some very nifty ideas, but somehow it just didn't come together as well as the others. Still, a good book.