December 12th, 2007

Rock - Devil

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Remember, remember, the twelfth of December,
In a hospital in Orlando, F-L,
They say, that December, that the humans surrendered
To an invader from straight out of Hell.

Another year down, another year older. 35, who'd-a thunk. Happy birthday to me!

*klik* Next!

Another birthday down, wheeeeeee.

First off, many thanks go to those who rocked for my birthday (pix in the usual place, if I missed yours, let me know!) and for the well-wishings. Always good times, my friends. *L*, someone even changed the 'message of the day" on the LJ chat channel in City of Heroes to give me a shout out, so thanks to all of you who sent me b'day wishes there, too. Good on y'all! Spent the day in blessed quiet, apart from a few phone calls. Good game time, excellent gyros for dinner, and some home-made chocolate chip/butterscotch chip cookies courtesy of chaosreality. Closing the day out with the last of my Cap'n'Coke. Oh, and dig it: Di got her sister to decorate a cake with Cthulhu for me! Pix tomorrow...

Hmm, Ike Turner died. I find it amusing that, even in death, he'll never get past the stigma of being the man that abused Tina Turner.