January 21st, 2008

Burn The World

Because American Education Isn't Having Enough Problems

Seems that H.R. 4137, the "College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007", is still steaming ahead with its "Campus-based Digital Theft Prevention" that ties college funding to universities' purchase of DRM-based industry-sanctioned download services and deployment of network snoopware that spies on and disconnects college kids if they appear to be violating copyright (without any hard evidence or a chance for the student to present her side of the story).

So, instead of helping schools to give more students better education (because, of course, we don't WANT thinking Americans, those types might see how much their government screws them over on a daily basis), we're going to threaten to withhold federal funding and even threaten to sue schools over individual students using file-sharing networks. Not over actually violating copyright laws, because we're not going to check and make sure that's what they were doing, simply using something that COULD have that result.

Ignore the fact that we're only talking about one section of the student body. Ignore the fact that only one section of that section is actually doing this. Ignore the fact that anything a university finally manages to get around to approving, choosing, and installing will then be defeated and obsolete.

No, let's do this. Then, let's start suing the car manufacturers, since cars are involved in homicides and other crimes, every day. For that matter, let's sue the Department of Transportation, since most of those law-breakers use the roads for their get-aways. In fact, let's make sure that money is held back from and suits are pushed and slammed against the greatest breaker of American laws: the government, who daily lies, steals, cheats, and assaults, both domestically and abroad.

This? This is your leaders' ways of keeping you down and stupid. Fight back. How? Start by not being a foolish sheep.

For My Comics Homeboys

Dunno how long it'll be there, but here is a link to the new DC Comics animate flick: Justice League: The New Frontier. 72 minutes and just fabulous, very well done, thoroughly enjoyable. Set in the late 50's, it deals with the rise of the League members, individually, focusing on test pilot Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and the Martian Manhunter. The story also features other DC characters, including Barry Allen (the Flash), Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and many more as they end up dealing with The Center. Plenty of other heroes make cameo appearances.

A damn good watch, and self-contained, so you don't have to feel like you'll be missing something if you don't watch the regular cartoons or read the comics.
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

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You know what I hate? I hate taking on a project or duty that I really wanted, and discovering that it's nearly meaningless. Here's another for that category: knowing there's something you are supposed to do, and just not being able to motivate yourself to so it at all.

It occurred to me that I would make a damn fine Ringmaster, a larger-than-life Master of Ceremonies. Working a crowd, getting and holding attention, directing as needed...I've got the voice, I've got the attitude and the acting. Unfortunately, this is not a job that's available. I'd have to truly run away and join the circus for that one.

Don't mind me.