February 14th, 2008


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Yes, it's Valentine's Day, so, whatever. Don't take my apparent apathy to mean anything more than a contempt for all those people who need a day set aside to express their love for others, as well as further contempt for the culture that has equated "love" with vast amounts of money spent.

If it's real, you know it every day...and express it.

T-Shirt of Power

Recently, a post in city_of_heroes mentioned a garment printing company that wanted to start a new item. MMO players would send them supergroup or guild logos and character names, and have a shirt printed. As they hadn't launched this service yet, they were offering a free shirt to a few people in exchange for a pic or two to be used on the site as examples.

Well, since that's probably 90% of what I wear, and I'm a sucker for nifty free things, I sent out an e-mail and asked to get in on the fun. In no time flat, I was sending in a logo that cobie made for The Champions of Breakfast, the premiere gathering of breakfast-y super heroes, well known and remembered as the defenders of Truth, Justice, and The Most Important Meal of the Day. My character, "The Juice Lord", is still one of my faves, and one that people seem to remember.

Today, I got my shirt in the mail, and I was not disappointed. The printing on it was excellent quality, not some dinky iron-on transfer, and the shirt itself was comfy and not too thin (as is often seen with this sort of thing). Overall, I was quite happy with it, and have no complaints.

If you want to see it, you have only to click. Of course, this means you get subjected to my ugly mug, but y'rolls the dice and y'takes y'chances.

And, for the record, I only sent the first two to him for the site. The other two, no.
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