February 20th, 2008


CoH Stuff

OK, my fellow players on Virtue: Juice Lord is only a tiny 100K XP away from the Big Ding. I missed getting to hit top level with friends on both my previous 50's, so I'd like to see The Juice get his with his mates.

Tonight, Virtue server, in the War Zone. Be there.

Guys and Dolls

If you have 45 minutes to kill, give this documentary a view. It follows several different guys who are Real Doll™ owners...wow. They really went out of their way to find some social rejects. We have the goofy looking "Davecat" who is frighteningly in love with his "She-chan", who lives at home with his parents, and who goes so far as to massage her feet. We've got Everard who owns at least three, keeps his dead mother's room just the way she left it (going so far as to make sure her clock keeps the right time), and cannot understand why women don't fall all over him because he hang glides. We've got Gordon in rural Virginia, who likes drums, guns, his two dolls, and getting things his way. Lastly we have Mike, who has eight of the things and claims he would give them up for a real girlfriend, but who doesn't.

I laughed and laughed my way through this. It is NSFW, due to seeing rubber doll parts, but there's no sex and, trust me, nothing erotic. Grab a drink and have a laugh on me.

(no subject)

I know most of you don't care, but I posted about my character hitting the big 5-0 here, if you want to see.

That's three top level toons, now. Hmm...so many others to play with. I'm never in a hurry to max them out, but it's sure fun times.