February 26th, 2008


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FCC Levies Fines...But Only Against Stations Where Someone Complained

So, story goes like this. Back in 2003, Fox had some reality show (*gasp*) called "Married To America" (it's now defunct). During one episode, a bachelor party was shown, and in order to not get in trouble, the naked bits of the strippers involved were pixelated. 5 years later, the FCC has finally decided to fine them for this, saying that while the pixelation made things less explicit and graphic than it would have been, it was still explicit and graphic enough to get fined for (lesson learned: don't bother pixelating, just go for it; you'll be fined anyway, but your ratings will probably go up).

The fun part, though, is that the FCC only fined stations that had complaints filed against them. So, out of 169 stations in the network, only 13 got fined...because whiny people complained there. Gotta tell ya, that sounds to me like a seriously bad precedent to set down. You get serious bastards like Fred Phelps knowing this kind of thing, and he'll get his family to start lodging complaints across the board, just to be a bitch about it.

I don't agree with the standard that the FCC showed on this, but if you are gonna HAVE a standard, then stay unbiased. Fine Fox in general for the gaff, or fine all the stations that showed it...or grow up a little and get over it.