February 29th, 2008

WTF - Eyes

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Now, I'm no wiz with web design, but I have worked at it enough to be able to look at a site and say, with some measure of authority, whether it's put together well or not.

My wife is a photographer. I have many other friends in the field, in both professional and hobby capacities. I count many models among my friends. So, again, I'd like to think I can tell the difference between good shots and crap.

Having said this, if I tell you up front that the photographer's website I just ran across combines really crap-ass website design, mediocre photography, and weak modeling...well, your Train Wreck Syndrome would kick in pretty hard and you'd just have to look, wouldn't you?

I give you the comedic value of Denny Scott, Digital Photographic Portrait Artist, and I just sit back to hear your laughter. I should warn you that while most of this is dangerous only to the muscles in your gut, there are shots in the "boudoir" section that might have your boss frowning. They show almost nothing, but you cannot be too careful. However, you'll have to go through at least two links to get to them, so you are more than safe enough to look at the rest of the site and weep with amusement.

The best part, for me, is the copious use of the "Scene Machine virtual backdrop system," which ensures that all backgrounds that aren't just black or wrinkled sheets look amazingly hideous.

Go on, indulge yourself. just put down your drink first, because I won't be held responsible for you spooging your coffee all over your screen.

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Severely disappointed right now. Not surprised, just disappointed. No, I don't want to talk about it.

So, let me try and annoy you as much as I'm annoyed. Check out Mana Potions, the 'energy shot' made 'by gamers for gamers.' Because, you know, there aren't enough damn energy drinks on the market. And be sure to check out the size and the price.