April 18th, 2008


Friday Pix

Shocking, but true! Crawling out of the deepest recesses of the Internet and my brain (both scary places!), comes a thing so bizarre, so esoteric, so blatantly over-hyped, it could be a Hollywood summer blockbuster...except that it's actually good. Time for the Friday Pix!

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Kiss My Ass

Exasperation and Foolishness

So, a particular event sequence fired up in City of Heroes today. Short version (because most of you don't care) is a recurring event that, with enough participation, will result in some nifty stuff acquired. I have a character that I definitely want these things on, so I log in to him and wait, as the events are kinda random.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait, watching messages go by of said event, occurring lots of places that this guy has no access to.

And wait.

And finally, get fed up, start to bitch about it on one of a chat channels...just as it decides to happen where I can actually participate.

Yeah, I gotcher watched pot right here, swingin'.