June 3rd, 2008

Burn The World

Enough With Your God

You know, I don't care what religion you are. That's your business, and if it helps you feel good and live a good life, then more power to you. Really, it's your right, believe what you want, and I'll defend your right to believe it, as long as you don't come tell me I'm wrong for not believing in your particular flavor of invisible being.

Here's one thing that really DOES just make me shake my head sadly, though: people who take it too far, to the point of absurdity. Take the story of this teen that got stuck in a tree. Short version, he slipped while climbing it and got wedged between two large branches that had grown together. As you'd expect, Fire and Rescue workers, sheriff's deputies, county parks crews, a tree service, a tow truck, and an engineer all got going on cutting him loose. Guess it was more of a production than it sounds, but still, people got their shit together and figured out the dangers and the best way to handle this and got to work.

Meanwhile, family and friends held hands and gathered in prayer, and later, when the teen was liberated from the woody grip of shouldn't-have-been-doing-that-in-the-first-place, it's all "We thank God that everyone came out" and "Praise the Lord," said the boy's father. "I just want to thank God for everything. God bless them," he said of the rescuers.

Right, not "I'm so glad all these people knew what they were doing" or "Damn, this city has good response from it's workers, I'm proud to be a citizen of Bloomingdale", or even "I'm sending the head of Fire and Rescue a nice fruit basket to express my gratitude." I hate to be an ass, but if the HUMANS hadn't come out to save your idiot son, you could have prayed your holy ass off and God still wouldn't have miracled his ass out of that tree.

Just saying, OK? Worship God (or whoever) all you want and live right, but let's be a little realistic when it comes to earthly matters.
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Dianna was sick, most of last week. Sore throat, headache, stomach less than happy. I knew that it would be my turn, soon enough. Yesterday, woke up with all symptoms, slept most of the afternoon.

Today is not much better.