July 24th, 2008


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So, back in '97, Mike Tyson bought some huge, sprawling villa in Farmington, CT. Something like 50,000 square feet, he paid $2.7 million for it, then dropped another million into fixing it up with a gym and nightclub. The house includes five Jacuzzis, 25 full baths, 13 half-baths, 18 bedrooms, an elevator, two billiard rooms, a movie theater and a locker room. Then, in '98, he put it up for sale for $22 million, dropped the price to $13 million in '99, and to $5 million in 2000. Eventually, it came off the market, and was sold to his ex-wife for $1 as part of their divorce settlement.

I love rich people. They're so damn much fun to watch.

Rapper 50 Cent bought it from her for $4.1 million, then put it up for sale in '06. What, is this place cursed? or are these rich idiots just realizing that there's nothing to do in Connecticut, and no matter how big your house is, 300 of your closest friends don't feel like coming to the middle of nowhere?

Anyway, dig these pix. These are previous to 50 Cent taking the place over, and you can see that Tyson had seriously neglected the place before finally getting rid of it. The link should be safe, but there's a small chance that one or two of the random small ads at the bottom might be NSFW.

Tyson's Folly
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