July 28th, 2008


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Did my 2. Knees are surprisingly OK, though ankles are a little sore. That could easily be the shoes, too. These have never really fit just right, but they are the only "sport" shoes I own (I'm a boots or sandals guy, depending on the weather). I have a possibility of making a little regular money, coming up soon, so maybe I'll buy a decent pair of walking shoes.

Of course, it could also be the weekend of food and no exercise, hmm, y'think?
Don't Go There

Time To Re-Evaluate

I assume that, by now, you've all heard about Jim D. Adkisson, the guy that walked into a Tennessee church, whipped out a shotgun, and started firing. If not, well, now you have. Short version: the place was packed because the kids of the congregation were performing "Annie", and this asshole walks in, and starts pumping. 2 dead, several wounded. Special nod goes one of the victims, Greg McKendry, 60, who stepped in front of the guy to try and shield others from the shotgun's blast.

That's a hero, kids.

Anyway, bastard got tackled, cops hauled him away. No kids harmed, in fact, he apparently indicated that he was specifically not targeting them. So, what brought all this on? Seems he left behind a long letter fuming that he couldn't find a job and expressing a profound "hatred for the liberal movement." He ranted that "liberals and gays" taking jobs had prevented him from finding work. He wrote that he expected to keep shooting parishioners until the police showed up and killed him.

Excuse me? Maybe you can't get a job because you're a lunatic, y'think? Funny, you ever notice it's the "decent, moral, conservative" types that go apeshit and start shooting innocent people? Now, who do you think the bigger threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is: a pair of people that are happy together and want to continue to make a life together, or the God-fearing war vet who believes in "family values" so much that he's willing to kill a church full of people?
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