July 29th, 2008

Dark Baby

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So, Erik made a clay figure, the other day. Some character from an anime he likes, I dunno, but he did a good job on it. We've been trying to work with him on taking time to get things right, work on details, not just slap together any tiny thing. He says he wants to paint it. Well, here's another opportunity to help him get in the habit of planning and working on details.

I get him to agree that it'd be a good idea to really plan what he wants to do, and to practice getting it right on paper first, so as not to screw up his great figure with a crappy paint job. He takes a good chunk of the morning, looking up pictures of the guy and painting on paper (turns out, all this is just to do the eyes). Still, he works and works, gets it right, then starts making it smaller and smaller. He feels ready, the moment is upon us, and to his credit, he does a very good job.

He's all proud of himself, and I'm proud of him, too. He cleans up the table where he's been working, and goes to clean out his brush and palette. I've been playing City of Heroes, and in a quiet moment, I realize I'm hearing the kitchen sink running. He's cleaning paint accouterments in my fairly new kitchen sink, among dishes. Not in the laundry room, where I'd wanted (but not told) him to do it. With a feeling of dread, I went to check on things.

There is black paint stain everywhere. Sink, countertop, dishes, mixing bowls, cutlery, you name it.

To my own credit, I stayed calm and together. I wasn't going to kill this time of glory with an angry response that wasn't really warranted. Yes, I wish he'd used more foresight and thought and not done this, but, damn. Anyway, I stopped him, pointed out the stain and mentioning that the laundry room sink would have been a better choice for this kind of thing, and sent him in there to finish. Meanwhile, I began to scrub the dishes (this is what i get for not doing the dishes last night!). Thankfully, this is all still fresh, so it's not too hard to get off. Once done, I told him I wouldn't be mad or upset, but that I wanted him to clean the sink and counters, since it was his paint mess. We got him some cleaner and he went to work, and it came clean in short order.

So, yeah, all's well that ends well. His art was good, his work was good, and everyone's happy. I'm proud of him for sticking to it, and for doing what needed to be done, and I guess I'm proud of myself, too, for handling it calmly. Because, gotta tell ya, seeing black paint all over my kitchen was not a good thing to see. ;)
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