August 11th, 2008


(no subject)

Ended up having typsie and daemonwise come over last night to hang out, which was way fun. 'Twas good to just kick back with friends, no agenda. Much babbling and Guitar Hero was the order of the night.

Watched the new Mummy film, later on. It didn't have quite the same feel as the previous movies, and the CGI didn't seem as good, but still, overall, fun for what it was. Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh...yeah, good stuff. I'll definitely buy it when it hits DVD...I own all the others, so why not?

Up way too late reading, and awakened by the sound of polarbear yelling from the bottom of my stairs. He was joining me for my morning walk, and I'd overslept. Anyway, knocked out the walk, which was good.

Had a headache most of the day, and only now does it seem to be slacking off. Not too bad, just low-grade and annoying. Made a nice milestone in CoH (Interstellar Trucker, my Ice/Energy Tanker on Triumph, hit 38, and picked up Energy Transfer...whee!). Erik and I got back to our "lunchtime bad movie" thing with The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Now, for a little lounging before bed. Exciting times and never calm, that's me...