August 26th, 2008

The Mask (Laughing)

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So, "gormless" means "without intelligence", and "ruthless" means "without pity or compassion", would a smart, compassionate person be gormful and ruthful?

Bow Before Cthulhu

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Rigged Out/Fitters: Style For Outlaws - right, because it's so very "outside of society" by right of it being "seen on The L Word"...look, a couple chains and some stylized printing doesn't make you an outlaw, you sorry sack of Suicide-Girl-worshiping drones.

May we also note that it's pretty dumb (and no, not ironic in a hip way) to hang labels on yourself that claim you defy labels. On a personal note, though, it's really, really pathetic to see bad Photoshop work right on the front page. I mean, hideously "you should be beaten past stupid until you loop back around to smart" kind of bad. Haven't seen it yet? Look at the pic there for the "Thirsty Mermaid's Milk Bar" t-shirt...and note how the print on the shirt is on top of the model's hand.