August 29th, 2008

Libido Boost

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Man, for whatever reason, I had no motivation to do my walk this morning, at all. Maybe it had to do with waking up and sitting bolt upright in bed at 3:45 in the morning from another nightmare, maybe not, but either way, I just could not get my gears turning. So, with that said, I'm pretty damn proud of myself for still getting out and doing it.

To do yet:
- Take shower (I stink like a hog, or at least like a fat man that just took a walk)
- Get Doug's storage unit (thankfully that's next door, so not a hardship)
- Call U-Haul, reserve truck for tomorrow (I hate driving those fucking things)
- Prep for tonight's Cthulhu game (we skipped a session, so it's been a month, plus I have 2 new players joining tonight)

Yes, Doug got the cash to me for the move, so it should all go down tomorrow morning. I know daemonwise is gonna help, and I believe chaosreality will be there, too. Dianna will provide packing and motivational assistance. I think that'll be enough, though anyone else is more than welcome to join in the "fun."

Speaking of daemonwise, we had a good time last night drinking whiskey and just goofing off. Got his headlight fixed, too, which thankfully turned out to be a lot less work than previously thought (as in "Hang on, I think I can reach that from here..." *twist* *pop* "Gimme the bulb." *pop* *finagle* *twist* "OK, fixed. Do another shot to celebrate?"). Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

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Shower: done, after a certain amount of "why do I have no hot water?!? Oh, for fucks sakes, I turned the knob the wrong way..." unpleasantness.
Storage: grabbed, paid for, locked up and ready
U-Haul: reserved

Damn, apparently, I'm wearing my "Get Shit Done" pants today.