August 31st, 2008


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Cripes, I'm sore. You'd think I was getting old or something...anyway, at some point today, Di and I will go make a sweep through Doug's place and gather up all the little stuff left, put it in the garage, and make a trip or two to get more out. I plan on it all being done by Tuesday night. I could be done sooner, if I wanted to work harder. ;)

Damn good short ribs at Mike and Kat's place, last night. We had a little timing issue, while trying so coordinate everyone and everything, but some excellent recovery actions resulted in meat that was very well received by everyone that gnawed on it. Hey, when the bad-ass chef looks at me and says "I think we just proved there's nothing you and I together can't cook!", well, that's a compliment of the first order. Would have hung out longer, but Di had a photo shoot yesterday that went badly, and was not feeling too hip, so we slipped out early. As it turns out, that was just as well, as I was beat tired earlier than normal. Still, good times with the Casa of Doom crew, as always.