September 8th, 2008

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cyanidesgirl just posted about how the fact that her pants smell like a BBQ pit was making her want BBQ, and it got me thinking about how much I hate perfume.

Ladies, really, some of you just don't get it. Dousing yourself in the stuff just means you have a cloud that follows you around, and it's NOT attractive or pleasant. If you think you're covering up some other aroma (maybe you didn't have time to shower this morning, I understand, it happens), I gotta tell you, replacing a little B.O. with a miasma of scent is not an improvement. I'm not just yammering at just the ladies, I know guys that walk by and smell like they are showering in Drakkar Noir or whatnot, and it's just as bad.

Seriously, less is more. Let your scent of choice be a facet of how you come across, a hint that adds to the impression that is you. When you leave and the scent lingers, briefly, in the air, it's like a reminder, one that says "you'll remember this, and think of me." On the other hand, a cloud that hits me like a wall before you get there and chokes me long after you've walked away is the kind of cover that makes you look like a book I don't wanna read.

And, really, be a little creative, maybe. If this is going to be part of you, stand out, be distinctive. People are rarely gonna know or care how much you paid or who made it, but they will end up having the scent in their nostrils. So many little starlets want to put out their own perfume, like this means a damn thing other than more exposure for their name, but is the smell anything special? Generally, this is a big, fat "no" and not worth the exorbitant price tag. Oh, and, seriously, knock it off with the patchouli.

Hint of BBQ? Assuming I don't see sauce stains on you, I'm gonna like that. Hey, maybe it just means you had BBQ for lunch, but that says something about you, too. I've tried to be good and not make any sexual references here, but, damn, "tasty to eat and finger-lickin' good" keeps coming to mind. :P
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