September 18th, 2008


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Gotta go pull some stuff out of Doug's storage unit. Movers are supposed to be here today to get it all, and there's a few things he wants to save for later shipping or that he just doesn't want to pay to move. Since I dunno WHEN the movers are showing up, this makes scheduling my day kind of a bitch.


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OK, that's done, and a little re-arranging in my house is finished, too. I would be logging into CoH, but since I dunno when these movers are showing up, I'm not, as I don't wanna be in the middle of something I can't just walk away from, when they call.

Anyone local need a twin size roll-away bed, a computer monitor, or a TV cart? Gotta find homes for them.
Kiss My Ass

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Just talked to Doug. The movers fucked up, and so aren't coming today. That's right, I've sat here all day day for nothing. Apparently, though, they'll show up tomorrow, some time between 3 and 5 pm.


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So, who would be up for an quasi-impromptu schlock/geek film night at my place Saturday evening? I'm thinking The Gamers and Rock'n'Roll Frankenstein, plus booze and pretzels....yeah, you know what pretzels I'm talkin'bout.

So, yeah, anyone? I'm feelin' the need.

Apparently, I picked the one flippin' Saturday that almost everyone is occupied. Next weekend will be camping, so not then either.
Archmage Chaos

Bad Movies and Booze

Right, well, that's what i get for last minute planning. So many people waved the "damn, I would, but I have plans" flag that I'm just gonna reschedule. This means you have plenty of time to plan ahead and actually make it.

October 18th, here at the World Headquarters of Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow, Inc.
Games early, movies later, if people are into it.
Movies to be shown: The Gamers and Rock'n'Roll Frankenstein
You bring yourself and anything good to eat or drink that tickles your fancy (yes, grillable items are allowed)
Me, I'll be making the infamous Unstoppable Pretzels (or "Crack Snacks" as they get called)
All are welcome, be you family, friend, or stranger, the more the merrier.