October 15th, 2008

Worship Chaos

Bad Movies and Booze!

Gee, Frank, with the next one of these coming up fast, doncha think you should make a post?
Thanks, self, I'll get right on that. Ass.

So, yeah, Bad Movies and Booze makes it's triumphant return this Saturday, October 18th, at 4pm. Movies on the marquee are The Gamers and Rock'n'Roll Frankenstein. Yes, I'm making a big batch of Unstoppable Pretzels. Meanwhile, you bring anything you want to add to the night. Bring some booze, most everyone does, and it tends towards the shared, so be prepared (multiple shot glasses are available for those that just wanna taste).

The flicks are bad but the company is great, we always have a good time, and no one goes away feeling unwelcome. Old friends, new friends, need-to-be friends, just show up, dammit. Would be a great time to see a few old faces again, as well as some new faces. C'mon, just ask the crowd of regulars, it's never boring, and the goofy lines will ring in your ears for weeks.

Show up here at the world headquarters of Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow, Inc. If you need the address, you have only to ask. Looking forward to seeing you!