October 31st, 2008

Rock - Devil

Friday Pix

Happy Halloween, you guys. Sorry for getting these up ate, I slept in for the holiday. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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Artist At Work

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For all the art monkeys out there who (like me) expressed the art geek desire to own one of the Pantone-coded Rubik's Cubes, I'm sorry to say that it's not something you can get. However, here's the original post by the creator.

I might just have to make one for myself, some day.
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Worship Chaos

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Well, as usual, hardly any ToTers, but they few kids in my area all know me and made a point of showing up. Littered my front stoop with the skulls from my porch, hung up my "Horror Motel ->" sign, and answered the door in my ribcage t-shirt and Saw mask (the one that looks like the Jigsaw puppet). No surprise, they thought it was way cool, and it was nice to see them actually dressed up in decent costumes, classic looks and not some new anime or something really weak (no offense, just saying). Spent the rest of the night gaming.

Tomorrow is Casa de Doom's "Harem of Horrors" Party, and still not 100% sure what I'm wearing, because I am broke and lame. Should be fun times, though.

Happy Halloween, y'all.