November 11th, 2008



OK, so, pain be damned, I went out last night to see Repo! The Genetic Opera. Overall, I enjoyed it.

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So, yeah, had a blast. It was fun, it was pretty, and it sounded good. The story was conspiratorial and rough, but it fit together nicely. I'll definitely own the DVD.

Meanwhile, it was way too much fun, as usual, hanging out with good people and meeting new ones. Hope to see them all again, and I hope Mike feels better soon, as he was a bit under the weather. Good times, you guys, thanks for making a night out a lot of fun!
Burn The World

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Once again, Keith Olbermann says it well. Sorry, just one little politically related thing to say...

We're all in this together. I don't see why this is so hard for people to understand.
Bored Now


OK, seriously, here's my problem with "Twitter": no one who ISN'T doing it cares. It's like one long "had to be there" joke, that you laugh your ass off telling while everyone else goes "ok, so what?" Great for those that are involved, boring for the rest of the world.

Please, seriously consider if the rest of the world needs to be updated on your Twittering. If they wanted to read it, they'd get on your little Twit-network.