November 18th, 2008

Worship Chaos

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So, yeah, was gonna toss in a movie last night but Dianna was tired, so I took it upstairs and watched it while she fell asleep. Figured I'd pass out afterward. Apparently, I did fall asleep near the end, and woke up to the credits rolling. Shut everything down and proceeded to lay there, staring at the ceiling. Sleep was just not happening. Gave up around 2:30 and got up, played a little CoH. Eventually, I figured I'd probably pass out if I threw in another movie...well, that didn't work either. Finally, around 8:30, with none of my friends logged into the game, WoW servers down for maintenance, and LJ down for the move, I tried to sleep again. Eventually, I did sleep...for about 2 hours.

So, yeah, kinda out of it today. Be warned, if you feel the need to communicate with me, that anything is possible.
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Fucktard Phelps in Oregon

Looks like Phelps and his ratfuck family of bigoted jackanapes are coming to my town. I'm torn.

Oh, not torn about how I feel about it. This guy is the perfect example of how basic rights can be abused and used as a shield. Whether I like it or not, they have the right to express their fucked up as they might seem to me. Frankly, though, I don't see this as them exercising free speech. They've said their piece, and they continue to do so. This crap, though, this is harassment.

I firmly believe in free speech. But beyond it being a right, it's also a responsibility. I'm not a violent person, and I know violence doesn't really solve anything, but I'd take the karmic backlash for the ability to just fuck this old bastard up. Really, though, I should just laugh and feel sorry for him. Not only because he actually believes his bullshit, but because his firmest, fondest, and most ardent wishes are not going to come true, and he'll leave this life with no legacy but a footnote in history as a useless, delusional twat.

I agree with most of the comments to the linked article: this is all about attention, they WANT you to protest back. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor, don't respond to their hate with more hate. Laugh at them, deride them.
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