December 8th, 2008


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Realizing that I haven't posted much actual content in here in a while. Let's see...that's probably because I don't do much of anything. Face it, unless I'm hanging out with people, I'm boring.

The economy is in the toilet and any place that is hiring for seasonal work has already done it. This a;ll hits as I realize that my financial situation is utter shit. So, with job prospects nonexistent, I'll still be doing nothing most of the time. I might have some occasional work opportunities in the early part of next year, and while they'd go a long way towards handling this crap, they'll also keep me away form home for 4-5 weeks at a time, which I'm not too enamored of. Still, it's better than nothing, which is what I have now.

Online gaming-wise, corachaos should have her special mount in WoW for Xmas. Nice planning, huh? I'll hang on to the game until that paid time runs out, but that'll be it for me. I can't justify paying for 2 games, and the game style of WoW is not for me. I'll stick to my beloved CoH. Speaking of The City, I'm still working around a couple of changes, but i think that is under control. Meanwhile, it's about time to do some serious base rebuilding, so that'll take up a lot of time.

Tabletop gaming-wise, I'm looking at some changes in the near year. Gotta work the present games to a conclusion first, though, and then we'll see what's what.

Erik's had a complete turn-around in regards to school. Things were not going well at all, and showed no signs of changing, and we had some pretty serious discussions, he and I. Dunno if that's what finally did it, or if there are any other factors, all I know is that he went form being a problem kid to a model kid with no transition period. His grades are high, his work is getting done, and his teachers are reporting good behaviour and class participation. He's been earning back most of what he lost in privileges, and he's in a great mood. Makes things a lot easier around the house, you better believe.

Anyway...that's about it. Birthday coming at the end of the week, Xmas on the heels of that, New Year's...sheesh, this time of year is insane. Whose bright idea was it to have all this so close together?
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