December 9th, 2008


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So, we have a cat again. Co-worker of Di's decided that the cat and the dogs in her house were too much, and wanted to find a home for the cat. Adult tabby, seems like a sweetheart. Of course, at the moment, it's been taken form it's home and left at a new one, full of stuff it doesn't know and smells it hasn't had, so it's a little shy (as in, it's been hiding out behind the couch since it got here) but that's to be expected. It'll come out when it settles in.

Just gotta find a new name for it. "Sunni" just doesn't cut it in my house. *twitch* I mean, c'mon, I'm sure they meant it as a cute form of "Sunny" which is bad enough, but the husband (who just LOVED that cat) is ex-military and young, doncha think he'd have noticed that it's also the name of the largest sect of Islam? *headdesk*

More as the feline situation develops.