December 12th, 2008

Worship Chaos

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Wow...damn, I just don't drink like that anymore. Still and all, good times with good people. I needed that, and it was a fabulous way to end my birthday. Thanks to all who showed up and rocked out with me, you're all badasses in my book.

Dianna, in her infinite wonderfulness, tracked down a hard copy of The Illuminatus! Trilogy for me for my birthday. This is way cool, as I've never owned a hardback of it. Meanwhile, my beloved copy that I've held together with tape, willpower, and love for 20 years was originally going to be given a viking funeral and consigned to the void, but I learned that Peltier has never read it. Well, I couldn't let that go, so with all the pomp and ceremony of a good Discordian ritual (which means plenty of booze, laughter, and weirdness), I passed it on to him, in hopes that it enlightens him as it enlightened me oh so long ago.

And now, my brain is going to continue fighting the pitched battle it's having with all the rum in my system.