God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

The Tao Of Dew

archmage: thank you Queen Non-Sequitur
01flux: Your MOM's a non-sequitur!
archmage: I'm aware of that...why do you think I look like this?
01flux: ...
01flux: I thought it was because she fucked a bald viking.
archmage: only a true non-sequitur could get away with that.
archmage: and still procreate quasi-effectively
01flux: Quasi? If it was only quasi, you'd be 3/4 a person. -peers- Them's must be sum guuud prosthetic limbs.
01flux: Oh well. Di hasn't complained yet.
archmage: hey, better living through self-actualization
01flux: Thats what I tell myself every day.
archmage: works, don't it?
01flux: ................................. sometimes.
archmage: better than never...keep trying.
01flux: There is no try. There is only Dew.
archmage: Dew, or Dew not.
01flux: Original or red-flavored.
archmage: Matters not what you Dew...it is only in how you Dew it.

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