January 14th, 2009

Cry Blood (Hurt)

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About 4:30am, I woke up. No idea why. Betty was down by my feet as usual. Went to shift position and *BAM* the pain hit. Lower right side, like I'd pulled a muscle in my side. Holy fuck, did it hurt. Tried anything I could to get to a less painful moment, which took some time, but still, lying down, hard to move much without moving those muscles. Finally managed to level myself up and get out of bed, hobbled to the bathroom, and massaged some Biofreeze into the area, which eventually calmed it down enough to get back to sleep. Still sore this morning, though. No idea how I managed to do that. All I can figure is I must have been in some twisted position, probably around wherever Betty was sleeping.

She's ignoring me this morning. She'll be back, though.
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...da Hell?

If you keep your IM open, you occasionally get spam IMs. Usually, this hits me form Yahoo, and is in the form of some pseudo-sexy name wanting me to join them on webcam, or some gibberish of mangled words and odd symbols. However, over AIM, I just got the oddest spam IM I've ever seen...
(10:38:56 AM) TerdTastingCoho: I thought you were joking about having AIDS hitler circumcision Wireless headphones
I'm not sure what to make of this one. Talk about random...
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OK, house tidied up. Casa de Doom is trekkin' up this way tonight to groove on BBQ hot dogs and Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's, so, should be a fun evening (if you're in the area, drop by!). Really wish I could have replaced my propane tank before now (as I'm out) but I can just broil them in the oven, and they'll still be good, just not quite as good.

Good friends and loud music, with some decent food. Need you anything more in life, really? Honestly, I'd be OK with just that.