January 29th, 2009



Been kinda reclusive this week, I've noticed. Didn't really intend to, just feel like I haven't seen or talked to anyone much this week. I'm not down about it, just noticed. It's odd. Anyway, I'll fix that this weekend: gaming on Friday night, scheduled game run Saturday morning, lunch and hang time Saturday afternoon, hopefully hook up with the rest of Team Awesome Sunday.


I only today discovered that Portland has its own flag, and that it's ...weird looking. Seriously, who came up with this? Add to that, Portland has eleven freakin' "sister cities" around the globe. Seems like, by now, I'd have heard of something happening involving one of them. In my opinion, just goes to show that the whole "sister city" thing is craperoo.


Turned down a chance to get a bunch of obscure stuff tonight in order to refill my propane tank. Was not an easy decision. I could have grabbed a bunch of movies that I really want, on the cheap...but dammit, I miss my grill.