February 7th, 2009


(no subject)

Got up and got going today for the breakfast gathering at Casa de Doom. Incredible pancakes, bacon, potatoes, egg toast, a great fruit salad, and I added my garlic cheese grits to the feast...man, we ate like kings.

Then, it was time for the Bloody Mary Fest. In the end, we had at least 7 different people doing their own mixes and offerings, all different tastes. Among them was one made with whiskey (dubbed the Bloody Molly), another with tequila (the Bloody Maria), a red pepper-laden smoothie (the Bloody Sunday), some spicy, some smooth, some savory, all fabulous. Me, I used the recently-made bacon vodka for my own addition (dubbed the Bloody Bacon). On top of that, many others used what was offered to make their own concoctions...again, it was a huge success. Also, always good to hang out and enjoy the company of so many fun people.

Right now, I'd love to log in to CoH and play, but I am beat. I think I'll pass out on the couch for a bit.