March 1st, 2009


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Good times hanging out with daemonwise all night, geeking out over gaming stuff, mostly. Also nailed down the specs for his new machine, and sent those off to scurvykat's man for a price quote. Hoping for the best!

Things got in the way, so I'm a couple days late on the final poll results. In response to the "police car" question...

- suspicion of wrongdoing: 2
- eldritch connections: 2
- sexual play: 2
- wrongful accusation/not illegal: 4
- directed violence, overreaction: 7
- directed violence, deserved: 3
- directed violence, governmental: 2
- public disorder, misc.: 4
- being Godzilla and destroying Tokyo: 1
- drunken BBQ: 1

...and of course: The real question would be "what WEREN'T you arrested for?"

Hmm. Apparently, I come across as a bit of a violent person, which is odd, because I'm not.
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