March 6th, 2009


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Well, this day has been a roller-coaster of epic proportions. Up early, mood swings, Di goes to the doc, minor panic mode, Di's fine, calm back down, online stupidity leading to a fight which was even more stupid, adrenaline up, deep thoughts, mood down, food, get in game, mood back up, in-game base building, mood further up, attempt at laurel extension rebuffed, mood way back down, convos with friend, mood stabilizes.

I'm completely fucking beat, and this day has dragged on overly long.
Food and Recipes

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Long ago, the Great Rib-Off happened, and as a competitor, I was very disappointed in my grilling skills that day. Tonight, I have redeemed myself in the eyes of the mighty Lord of BBQ, after making a load of ribs that were, to be quite honest, fucking fabulous. A sauce to be reckoned with graced some beautiful pork ribs and a kielbasa, served up with some red potato and dill tater salad, a chicken caesar pasta salad, marinated garlic, garlic mushrooms, and a couple different types of olives. Oh, yes, there was plenty of cold beer, rum, tequila, and bizarre Bill Plympton movies. Good to have worshipthesnake and moonchylde as culinary guinea pigs!

Full of meat and laughter, I sleep now.