April 30th, 2009

Food and Recipes

Good Eatin'

Fired of the BBQ and did a slightly Tex-Mex version of the Grilled Bruschetta Chicken recipe that kitchenqueen posted a while back (used pico de gallo instead of the chopped tomato, and colby-jack instead of mozzarella). Made some quick-and-dirty potato salad on the side (mayo, sour cream, Garlic Caesar dressing, Cavendar's, lemon pepper, more garlic).

Hot damn, that was good stuff.


Went on a bit of a spree and made half a dozen new icons: "Mute" (OK, that one was added a bit ago), "Trust Me", "Scream (FMJ)", "Fuck You - Fingers", "Rock - Cyberman", and "Vortex". None of them are personalized, so feel free to snag them if the mood strikes you. Or don't. Don't matter to me, just sayin'.
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