July 16th, 2009

Bored Now

Bullet Time

Random thoughts as I get my day started:
  • Some things never change.
  • This morning is one of those times I wanna sit someone down and say "see? this is why you don't do that, no matter how much you want to!" However, I know it would really hurt them and cause drama that I don't need, and in the end, it wouldn't change things.
  • Christ, what a bunch of whiners...
  • Wah, wah, wah...man, that shit gets old.
  • Why, why do you have to be such a schpag?
  • Hey, that's damn funny...

Yesterday: woke up, it was 6:45; woke up again, 7:15; thought "OK, I'll stretch and get out of bed"; woke up, 8:30. oops.

Today: woke up, 6:45; woke up again, 7:30; thought "Kinda tired, but I should get up...just a couple minutes..."; woke up, 9:30. oops again.

I'm hungry...
Burn The World

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Amusing Ourselves To Death

A comic-drawn excerpt form a book that explores the idea that Aldous Huxley was more correct about our bleak future than Orwell. A quick little read, but one I hope you take seriously and objectively. Right or wrong, it brings up some excellent points.
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Gaming Is A Way Of Life

Daze of Summer

Gotta say, it was fabulous last night to game outside last night. We strung up some Xmas lights on the tree, laid out a couple blankets, and just relaxed in the cool evening breeze as we gamed.

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