July 17th, 2009


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So, thanks to foomf, I have the loan of a good treadmill (as he wanted it out of the way due to the new exercise bike he's getting). Di and I will both get use out of that, and it should get me back to walking, which is very good.

Di's about to head out to her Bad Girl's party, and tonight's Call of Cthulhu game was canceled. Me, I'm gonna head into The City and get in some game time. If I have to be hot, I can at least have fun.

R.I.P. Dallas McKennon

I'm into voices, so this one actually caught me. Dallas McKennon, whose voice is well-known in the Disney theme parks and several movies, has passed away. He just five days before he would have turned 90.

His voice can be heard on American Adventure, the Country Bear Jamboree, and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster, as well as in Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, Mary Poppins, 101 Dalmatians, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks. His voice was familiar to many cereal-munching Saturday morning cartoon watchers in shows such as Gumby and Archie, in which he spoke for the title character.
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