July 29th, 2009

Scream (FMJ)

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Giving serious consideration to passing back out for a bit, I'm still quite tired.

No evidence of the stone passing yet but still no pain, so that's good. Of course, the amount of water I'm drinking means some other things are passing quite watery and fast, but I guess that's the price I pay.

I'm very tired of this tendency for the glorification of stupidity. Like this comic I ran across this morning. For the linkophobes, it's an 'i' saying "Be Rational" while a 'pi' says "Get Real", the caption on the pic stating "Math Jokes:If You Get Them, You Probably Don't Have Any Friends." Right, because having a fucking education means you can't be popular or social. Or this comic. The first comment under it's post was someone saying "i dont get it, wats he talking about". Just feels sad when we're accepting and condoning the idea that an education is optional at best and stupid at worst. I'm probably over-analyzing it, I'm tired.
What're you lookin' at?

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So, nothing yet. it's still hot, it's still a case of maximum suckage (and, to make it even more fun, one of my fans up and died while we were at the hospital yesterday), and no, I haven't passed the stone yet. They gave me a filter funnel kind of thing to try and catch the stone (so they can analyze it, apparently), so unless it became a ninja and did the sneaky-sneaky while I was watching a movie, then it must still be holed up inside. Thankfully, no pain, still.

Head hurts (and yes, I'm uber-fucking-hydrated), tired of water, tired of that too-much-water feelin', but what the Hell else can I do right now, y'know?