August 14th, 2009


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Yesterday, while playing CoH and on Skype with staxxy, I shared a pic that I thought was funny. As we laughed about the ignorance in people (term limits? Don't we HAVE those?), a mention came up about the guy in the Skynyrd/Confederate flag shirt.

Yes, it's true, I have a Stars and Bars flag hanging in my house. I'm proud of my Southern upbringing, and I'm proud to still hold on to a lot of actions, attitude, and manners that come with being taught to be a Southern Gentleman. Am I saying that I think the South should secede from the US? Hell no. Am I proud of some of the things that the South has done in history? No. I'm also not proud of things that any OTHER part of the country has done in history, both distant and recent. Do I think the South is better in some ways than other places? Yes, I do...and I also agree that it is worse in other ways.

I'm not an idiot, thank you. That flag is merely a symbol of my background, of where I come from. As far as I'm concerned, it's no better or worse than anyone else having a flag of their home country on display. It's a matter of heritage, not hate. I believe that anyone that even barely knows me knows my opinions of divisions of humanity for stupid reasons like race, religion, sexual choices, or any other arbitrary idiocy.

You bet your sweet ass, I'm proud to be a Southern Boy. Just remember, seeing that flag doesn't mean we're all the same, just like seeing a cross doesn't mean all Christians are the same, or seeing a turban doesn't mean all Middle Easterners are the same. Don't react to the symbol, react to the person showing it...and don't lump us all in one basket, lest you be shoved in a basket of your own, judged by a few bad apples.

Just something to think about, y'all.
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