September 4th, 2009

Bow Before Cthulhu

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Bought my weekend pass for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, so I'm a happy guy. Anyone else going? You can buy your tix ahead of time through the links at the website...come join me for eldritch goodness!
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Food and Recipes

Food: The Great Joiner

Had matrixleap, herince_emyn, briscostu, and No-LJ-Jasso over tonight. With no game happening (Di had Bad Girls things planned), it was originally just a "what the Hell, fire up the BBQ" thing, but seeing as matrixleap found out today that he's once again gainfully employed, it turned into a mini-celebration. Lots of laughter, lots of meat (good lord, we did burgers, ribs, kielbasa, and bratwurst, as well as a lot of grilled onions), lots of gaming talk, and a showing of Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker...good times.

I love having people over, I love food with friends, and I love it best when it's food I cooked. Gaming and bad horror flicks just make it better.

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In random news, we did our grocery shopping today, which means CostCo. For those that have been to CostCo, you know this means you always walk out with something else. Now, i needed more blank DVDs, so I grabbed a spindle and headed out. As we hit the register, the cashier was dealing with some guy who had two of the same spindle. eventually, he paid, but left one of them behind for some reason. As we checked out, the cashier leaned in close, and said something about getting another. Apparently, something had gone odd about the previous transaction that she didn't want to go through the work of dealing with, so had me get an extra and voided it as I bought it, giving me a free set in addition to the ones I bought...yay for freebies!
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