September 23rd, 2009

LJ Addict

Embedding Change, And Why It Was Important

For those of you not reading news, there was a web security exploit that affected some entries on LiveJournal. The short version is that certain embedded media made changes to recent entries. If you viewed the embedded media, the changes would happen on your journal. Now, most importantly, this exploit did not steal any passwords or harm computers at all.

Accounts which have been affected will have the following in one of the most recent entries:

At the time this exploit was active, they could not be edited (changes would simply not happen). However, all embedding was turned off, and they should be fixable, now. Embedding from YouTube and RuTube has been returned, and other sites will become trusted soon, as well. The window of infection was somewhere between 1 and 2 hours.

For further details, please see this post.
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Knee is doing much better today. Still sore, but not so bad.

85 degree heat, in late September. This is just not right, and it's making me irritable. Luckily, game tonight should put me in a better mood.