October 5th, 2009

MythOs - They're Blasphemously Delicious

Hangin' With Howard: HPLFF, Day 3

Slid through the morning, grabbed some food, and I was off. Oh, almost forgot, today's Alice Cooper was Dragontown and The Eyes of Alice Cooper. Now, I'd had people both online and at the festival asking if the Cthulhu Ski Mask was gonna make an appearance, and this was the day. Traded in the hoodie for my long leather trenchcoat, grabbed the mask, and I was ready to make the scene.

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I thought I posted this, but maybe I didn't. Don't bother to text me; I turned it off. I don't receive them and can't send them. It was costing me too much, and it's my least favorite way to communicate, anyway.

I know, I know. Excuse me for liking real-time interaction. Anyway, just sayin'. If I haven't responded to a text, that's why.
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