October 6th, 2009


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Hmm, was in the mood to watch Doomsday but forgot I never did pick it up. Don't feel like going out and seeing if the used flick store has it, and nowhere online to watch it seems to want to buffer any faster than "it'll be ready by Xmas" speed. Guess it'll have to wait.

In the meantime, pop up on IM and say hey, if you get bored. I'm getting slowly schnockered and singing loudly and well. So there.

(no subject)

Bah, it takes entirely too much to get me drunk, and I'm trying to save some for later. That's OK, though, because it also occurs to me that anything I think I'd do drunk, I'll also do sober, except be quite as explicit about what I'd love to do to whom, or what I'll say if they ask.

And even then, I might. So it's just as well. This way I can remember it or apologize, as necessary.
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