October 7th, 2009


Quick Write

I used to do this, every so often. Nothing going on, a moment of quiet and an idea in my head and I start scribbling. Haven't done it in forever, but recently a quiet minute occurred in a time when I felt like allowing others an uninterrupted moment. I make no claims to whether it's any good or even makes a lot of sense, the idea was always to just get the words down on paper, let them flow and see where they went, not stopping to try and think of the best word or the right reference, just keep the dialogue rolling. Frankly, it's a short one, but writing longhand makes my hand cramp. Heh, you should see the original legal pad, the damn handwriting is almost unreadable by the end. Typed out here for my own archives, more than anything else.


The silence belies the connection. Too often, intensity is judged by volume - expressions are based on vehemence. In clarity is magnitude set...difficulty is a war waged on society, who sees victory in image.

For who are we expressing emotion in decibels? For ourselves? For our targets? For the public? We live lives ruled by unseen cameras, calculated by a Nielsen audience of ghosts from the past and the future, destined to find our programming canceled for want of a laugh track.

In shadow do we drop the lies, in caves do we remove the masks. Only there, in the presence of mummies of our elders do we allow ourselves the safety of our faces feeling the cool breeze of true life.
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