October 10th, 2009

Food and Recipes

Nothing Goes With Hot Meat Like Rotting Meat

So, with no game last night, we decided to have a little impromptu grill night. Di had been wanting to invite a couple of her Bad Girls friends over, and I wanted to have greendeva3 over, so it worked out well. Di's friends, though, didn't make it (one responded that she couldn't, the other...no call/no show. Bah.) Still, wasn't gonna let that stop us. Di got hold of her friend Regina, from work, and I got hold of matrixleap and herince_emyn and we made it all happen anyway. Much was consumed in the way of burgers, and we made White Trash Chip Killer (man, it's been too long). All was consumed while enjoying Fulci's Zombie and Fred Olen Ray's Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.

Good people, good times. Soon, though, it's gonna be time to do some serious BBQ ribs, and then, all bets are off. I wanna have a house full of people for that one...so plan ahead, y'all.