October 26th, 2009

Fuck You - Hammer

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Fuck me sideways. Just checked my mail, and there's a jury summons in it (well, the "2-week call-in term" thing, but it's still a chance). Now, that in and of itself doesn't bother me, but the fucking courthouse is in Tacoma. For those of you elsewhere, that's 130 miles north of me, just outside the capital.

So, how exactly they think I'm gonna get from here to there is beyond me. One car between us, I certainly can't take it and leave. And let's add to this the fact that any expenses...say, like gas/bus, food, and lodging...I have to pay for and I'll be reimbursed "at a later date."

How about "fuck you"?

Apparently, too, I can't get out of it for "financial reasons"...like the fact that I do not and will not have the cash to make a trip like that and hang around Tacoma for any length of time up front to be reimbursed at a later date. Apparently, it's my patriotic duty to put myself and my family in hardship.

Well, I'll be calling them tomorrow. They might wanna go ahead and find me in contempt so I can get fined/serve my time and get it out of the way, because I may very well be there by the end of this call.