October 29th, 2009

There Is No Banana

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Home again. OK, so, surgery is scheduled for December 9th. I'm to keep taking the meds and drinking all this water until then, and if the thing passes before the surgery date, I just cancel it.

Doc was a lot of fun, my kinda guy, played along with my humor and seemed to be having fun as well. Best we can see from the x-ray, the thing is a couple inches away from the bladder, close, just slow-moving. We decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery so that it's on the books, and meanwhile just keep on keepin' on. Really, not much else they can do; if we decided to wait and see and it turned out I needed the surgery anyway, it'd just be that much longer until they could get me in.

Back to the waiting game, but at least there's an end date.

(no subject)

Been playing around with some RPG game tools (RPTools, if you're curious) ever since I got home. So far, the DiceTool would be useful if I had a laptop or whatnot, and the InitTool is interesting but has some flaws that keep it from being something I'll use. This brings up something: I hate forums with a passion. Loads of crap, takes forever to find anything, much less sift through it all for relevant information. You spend an hour trying to get a simple answer, likely as not just giving up after searching post after post. Just asking the question outright either gets you called out or pointed to somewhere else, and trying to ask it in a more direct, non-forum way gets the response "check the forums!" Anyway, the issues I have either claim they'll be addressed (in posts a year old) or aren't showing up at all, which makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. Sadly, the documentation that is alluded to in multiple places simply does not exist. Thanks a fuckin' load.

Mostly interested in MapTool, which I'll check out later. Looks nifty, but I'm guessing that, in the end, it'll be more trouble for me than it's worth to just do the work manually.

So tired. Methinks it's time to put in a movie and pass out for a while.