December 2nd, 2009

Cerebus (Fed Up)

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OK, I'm up WAY too early, and about to head out the door to my pre-op appointment. Why this can't happen over the phone is beyond me, but whatever. Hopefully won't be gone too long. Anyway, one week and counting until this bastard is out of me for sure.


So, appointment went well. One week until they shove a camera and a laser up my wang and go crazy. Yeah, not loving that idea, but I suppose it's better than a kidney stone. Then, depending on how inflamed the area is inside, the stint that they'll put in while it heals will be there for anywhere between one and six weeks (apparently, taking that out is a ten-second in-office procedure, which also squicks me out).

Really, the only downside that I have is that I'll be on anti-biotics afterward, dunno exactly for how long, but I'm betting it's more than three days. Sine I shouldn't drink while on anti-biotics, this means I'll have to be sober for my birthday. It lands on a Saturday for a change, and I was looking forward to a drunken gathering full of debauchery. I suppose i either put off that gathering (holiday season though, that's less likely to be worth trying) or I have it anyway and insist that everyone drink for me. THAT could get funny...