December 7th, 2009

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Those record companies howling about the fact that illegal music sharing/use is costing them millions? Turns out they are guilty of it, too.
Chet Baker was a leading jazz musician in the 1950s, playing trumpet and providing vocals. Baker died in 1988, yet he is about to add a new claim to fame as the lead plaintiff in possibly the largest copyright infringement case in Canadian history. His estate, which still owns the copyright in more than 50 of his works, is part of a massive class-action lawsuit that has been underway for the past year.

The infringer has effectively already admitted owing at least $50 million and the full claim could exceed $60 billion. If the dollars don't shock, the target of the lawsuit undoubtedly will: The defendants in the case are Warner Music Canada, Sony BMG Music Canada, EMI Music Canada, and Universal Music Canada, the four primary members of the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

These numbers may sound outrageous, yet they are based on the same rules that led the recording industry to claim a single file sharer is liable for millions in damages.
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Mental, Physical, and Temporal

- First off, my apologies to everyone Saturday night. Had a bad bout of mood shift creep up on me while my brain was running hot, and added in a chunk of low blood sugar to the mix. The combo was a little ugly.

- Just a couple days until they go get the stone outta me. This is a minor procedure, but still, I'm not looking forward to it. Well, that's only half true; I definitely AM looking forward to this being done and over with.

- Saturday is my birthday, so here's my annual Birthday Request: I don't need presents or anything that costs you a red cent. Just take a pic, throwing the horns in my honor, and send it to me. Make a fan-sign, show me some love. Get others involved, or do it alone. Be out, be in, be up, be down. Be crazy, be serious. Be clothed, be naked (extra points for sexy shots, of course, but I never seem to actually get those). Previous years' pix are here, if you can't figure out what I'm talking about, and new pix will end up there, too (unless they are risque, in which they will not be seen by anyone else). See? Costs you nothing, takes all of a few seconds, and you make me smile. Can't beat that, right?