December 13th, 2009

Archmage Chaos

Little Slice Of Heaven

So, yeah, last night was a fabulous time. A long afternoon of gaming came to a close and daemonwise and I started cooking. matrixleap got in on the grilling, and by the time we were done, the spread was mouth-watering. My ribs and potato salad, Mike's chicken and veggies, Dusty's burgers, as well as mac'n'cheese courtesy of Emmy and loads of beer and breads (and veggie ribs for Kat!). If you weren't here, you missed eating like a king, lemme tell ya.

From there until it ended, it was a great time with great friends. Yes, plenty of booze, but lots of music, laughter, sexual innuendo, goofy pictures, dancing, singing, and all around fun. Hell, Di and Emmy even went and got me a "triple chocolate mousse" cake (dear GOD that was good, he said, finishing the last slice for breakfast) and some cheesecake. I even got most of the room to join in singing "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Freebird", with plenty of quickly-downloaded Zippo aps for the iPhone added in for lighters.

Emmy and Dianna in a moment that was par for the course.
Yes, there was much groping by, well, pretty much everyone who was comfy with it.

As usual, the rock pictures that I've received this year are up in the gallery, with a notable exception that I'm not posting publicly. You know who you are, and not only is it an incredibly sexy pic, but it means a lot that you trust me with it. Right on. For the rest, you are all in my cool book, and I hope it was as much fun to take the pic as it was for me to get it. Good to see you all have a little metal in your souls. \m/ \m/ (it's not too late, BTW, I'm happy to get more, for those of you too shy to take it so far...join the fun!)

Bruce and Sara fed my love and addiction for silly/bad flicks, giving me copies of the first Lurker in the Lobby collection and a copy of The Fearless Vampire Killers, which I've been meaning to replace for years. Mike and Sandra gave me a copy of 'Dragon Age: Origins', so I'm looking forward to installing that this week. Di has the entire series of Space:1999 on the way for yeah, I know what I'm doing this week: splitting time between games and movies!

Much thanks to all who came and made my birthday everything I'd hoped for: daemonwise, No-LJ-Jasso, matrixleap and herince_emyn, worshipthesnake and moonchylde, typsie, saofoir, praenomenal, captainwhimsy, and of course, my amazing (and having way too much fun last night) wife swanwhite. The only things more I could have asked for out of my birthday are things I wouldn't get. ;)
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