December 31st, 2009



- Oh, MAN, did it feel good to sleep through the night. A little dull soreness in my throat, neck hurts (probably from sleeping funny), but that's it. Almost over this shit...sadly, looks like Dianna is coming down with it, now.

- Tell you what I'm really tired of: "(*adjective*) (*noun*) is (*adjective*)". You know what I'm talking about. "Tired guy is tired", "random pictures are random", "sad panda is sad", etc. Do I really have to explain why this is annoying? Redundancy isn't funny anymore when it's, well, constantly redundant. It's played out, move on to the next stupid turn of phrase, willya?

- Yes, I know there were no Friday Pix last week but, seeing as how it was Xmas, I figured most people would be occupied (I know I was). I'll make a Friday Pix post tomorrow, though, be assured.

- Have no plans to go out for New Year's Eve. Even if I had plans before, I doubt Di is going to feel up to going out. This gives me a chance to log in and see the end of Townston in Dungeon Runners, which is supposed to actually blow up. Nice way to end an MMO, in my opinion.

Goodbye, Dungeon Runners

For any who were curious (and I know that's a VERY short list, like, maybe 3 of you), Dungeon Runners had its final moment tonight. Sadly, there was nothing special, other than the one remaining member of the team being there to laugh along with us. The large bomb in the middle of town that we hoped would go off turned out to be (as we suspected) simply a graphic prop, and when the time came, the server just disconnected. Lights out, everyone go home.

Still, was sorta fun to be there for the final curtain.