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We all know I'm no fan of sports. I just don't care (which made seeing this video of a guy crying his eyes out over his team not getting to the Super Bowl that much more funny). So, the Super Bowl is not something I make any plans for, no surprise.

Something that really amuses me is how much there is surrounding the Super Bowl. Companies pay millions for a commercial slot during it (and millions more to make an over-the-top piece!), all in the name of convincing you to go buy their product. Funnier, though, are the silly additions. We had 8 years of "Bud Bowl", animated beer bottles playing football in small segments. We have shows and lists of the best ads. Most recently, we have "Lingerie Bowl", where scantily-clad models play a game during halftime.

OK, someone needs to put on the brakes. Hey, I like a sexy lady as much as anyone, but come on...really? Four years of this, now, with plans to start a ten-team "league" this coming September? Just seems really, really dumb to me.

However, if you really wanna talk about dumb, get this: this year's Lingerie Bowl has been canceled. Why? because Fox wanted to have it at a clothing-optional resort, and then got bent out of shape when the place wouldn't make people keep their clothes on. Apparently, the event was to be held in an empty field, and the resort agreed to make that area a "clothing-required" area (TV and all). Fox came back and wanted more of the resort made that way, and the resort told them where to stick it.

So, yeah. The Lingerie Bowl has been canceled due to nudity. Irony, thou art always a lovable bitch.

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